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Part 2

They were all around me, hands groping in the smoky darkness as disembodied voices cried in sheer terror for me to save them. I fought them off, struggling against panicking hands that threatened to pull me down with them. Screaming I ran and finally broke the tide of frightened bodies. I stopped in mid stride as my eyes took in the calm scene before me.

            Nothing was wrong with the surroundings, the houses and the palace still stood. Everything was serene, a contrast to the chaos I had just left behind. I had been inhaling smoke yet there were no flames anywhere. It was a picture of utter peace and tranquility. A hand touched my shoulder and I turned.

 “The Gods will purify the land,” whispered the rotting corpse of Horatia, as she pointed to the sea then Mount Atlas and finally to the sky. I gasped at what I saw. “Mighty Zeus sends down His arrow”

            The sky was lit up with a silvery brilliance as Zeus’ bolt came barreling towards me. I cowered in fear as I watched it strike the side of Mount Atlas. I screamed in horror as Hephaestus’s fire spewed from the hole and came rushing down the side. It covered the giant sundial first then the observatory and then onto the palace. Nothing was spared in the path of the fiery river and I shrieked as it hit me. I opened my eyes and instead of finding my charred corpse, I found the river of lave had split around me. Soon only the sound of the spewing lava was left and I looked at my home with tears in my eyes.

 “Your fault,” came a low angry voice from behind. I turned to find the burning corpse of Beryl. A sob caught in my throat. “This is all because of you Princess, you and your selfish desire!”

 “This is your fault because you couldn’t be a strong Queen,” said the rotting corpse of my mother.

 “This is because you loved me!” Endymion spat as his eyeballs melted from his face.

 “All your fault!” came the collective voices of my court. Everyone surrounded me, pointing and chanting. “All your fault! All your fault! All your fault!”

            I fell to my knees in despair, tears coursing down my soot stained cheeks. They are right, I thought in despair as cold water lapped at my feet and the ground thundered around me. The icy water kept rising and so I stood. Before me stood Nemesis in all of her sinister glory and I froze. She pointed the jagged edge of a long spear between my breasts and smirked she reared her arms back to deliver the killing blow. I closed my eyes.


            I opened my eyes in surprise as the corpses around me vanished in a swirling mist. The moon was just above me and she seemed to have gotten bigger. I was amazed by the gentle light and glowing craters shaped like a-

 “Bunny,” I whispered. I began to float then and I was whisked away into the sky. I had to shut my eyes as everything became a blur and made my head hurt. I never even noticed when I stopped.

 “Serenity darling, open your eyes.” I did.

 “What?” I breathed in wonder as I looked upon the jeweled vision of the Earth. I fell to my knees in thanks, praising Gaia.

 “There is no time for prayer granddaughter,” came the voice again, this time more urgent. I stood and wiped the grey dust from knees. Finally I took in the Goddess that stood before me. Selene.

 “I am not worthy,” I murmured as I bowed my head. Selene reached out with a glowing hand and raised my chin. I looked deeply into her dazzling blue eyes.

 “There is no one as worthier than you Serenity,” she whispered, tears sparkling in her eyes. “We must hurry now before my cousin realizes I am gone.”

 “What is it Luminous One?” I asked in surprise as she embraced me.

 “There is no need for titles Serenity, you and I are closer than you think,” she said with a smile. Then she frowned. “What you saw will happen Serenity, there is nothing to deter my cousins from their purification of Atlantis.”

 “Then all is lost,” I said sadly. She shook her head, her silver hair floating around her as if in a dream.

 “Not all my dearest,” she whispered. “There will be those who will survive, people who will need a Queen.”


 “No Serenity, you.”

 “Me?” I asked bewildered. “You must be mistaken, my mother reigns as High Queen.”

 “In one day there will be nothing left of your mother’s domain,” she said wistfully. “You must survive this onslaught and rule your remaining people in a new land.”

 “I will Goddess,” I pledged.

 “Teach about the fall of Atlantis, tell them why it happened,” she said urgently, taking my hands. “Tell them if they live good lives and pay tribute to the Gods that this tragedy will never happen again.”

“I will.”

 “Go with my grace, granddaughter,” she said as she placed a gentle kiss upon my brow. There, although it was but for a moment, a crescent shaped birthmark flared. I fell back, falling fast in the sky and I flew with a smile on my face. In death I am divine, I thought as the ground rushed up to meet me.


            I sat up gasping as the last of the dream left my body. I clutched the soft material of my gown with a trembling hand and glanced over at Averna, making sure I hadn’t woken her. She was still sleeping peacefully beside me, her face red with dried tears. Granddaughter, I thought suddenly. Does this mean I am an Immortal? I pondered these thoughts as I slipped from the bed and went over to my open balcony. Tomorrow my beautiful home would be destroyed and there was nothing I could do about it.

            Squaring my jaw I turned and began to dress myself, not bothering to ring for Pho. I slipped on the dress I wore to the ball and prepared myself for a royal audience. As the Apollo bade the Sol to rise I strode forth towards my mothers chambers, waving away the guards and entered. I woke her from a fitful doze and addressed her formally, asking for her help for the mass evacuation of Atlantis.

            Of course my mother sneered, waiving away my request as if it were smoke from the fire and closed her eyes in slumber once more. I screamed and yelled, telling her of my dream yet she did move. Enraged I left her to find the other Queen’s of the realm, hoping they would help me yet I encountered the same resistance. I battered against their wall of doubt but I was turned away once again. My court smile sadly, some thinking me mad and their sisters laughed openly at the disillusioned Princess, thanking their Gods that they were not chosen for my court after all.

 “Look to the sky,” I cried out pointing towards the great pinnacle of light that was heading straight for Atlantis. “Do you not see Zeus’ arrow?”

            Alas my cries went unheeded and my court turned their backs on me. I cried, I stomped, I wailed, I screamed, I ordered yet nothing could penetrate them. With one last screech of frustration I ran from the room, sobbing the entire way. I collapsed beside Averna who put her arms around me in comfort and we both fell fast asleep. Startled from a dreamless sleep I realized that I had slept the entire day away. Dusk settled upon the horizon as Hespera took her rightful place in the sky.

 “Oh no,” I whispered as my eyes filled with tears once more. The Moon, Selene’s domain, was a large orb in the sky that glowed so peacefully in contrast to the angry light of Zeus’s anger. “All is lost.”

            With that I sunk to the ground, my legs no longer willing to hold me up and I cried. Oh how I cried, sobbing for the innocent people that would be slaughtered within the next few hours. The ground rumbled sharply, causing dust particles from the room to float down and settle upon me. Soon the buildings would not be able to hold and would come tumbling down. Chronos, I prayed warily. Please I need more time, if you love your children please spare us. Nothing answered but the sharp growl from the heaving ground. So I continued to weep for all that would be lost.

 “Princess,” came a soft gentle voice from behind. I glanced up at Averna who opened her arms and I fell into them much as she had done the day before.

 “I’m not strong enough,” I murmured into her shoulder. “I can’t even make my mother see the truth let alone save the people of Atlantis.”

 “I believe you.” It was a simple phrase, very short and very concise yet my lip trembled as fresh tears poured from my eyes. Never would I have guessed how wonderful it would feel to be finally be believed.

 “Thank you Averna,” I said as I wiped my eyes and sat up. I squared my jaw once more. “Right then, if we cannot make my mother go to her people then we will bring the people to us.”

            I stood and walked over to my writing desk, pulling out a large parchment as I rung for Pho. I jotted down my message quickly and efficiently as I waited for the red headed girl to show up. She came rushing in, her eyes dry from the heat of the day and I had her sit at my desk to copy out the letter several times. I sent Averna to the barracks with one copy and bade her to bring any guards who would believe what I written.

            As another servant began to light the candles and scented oil lanterns I sat down to ponder what I was about to do. First this would be considered high treason going against what my mother had decreed and secondly it would take much more that the faith of just one Princess. I hoped against hope that there would be those out there who would believe me. Averna came running back with thirty guards at her heels. I briefed them all once again on the situation, their tired eyes rapt with fear. Quickly I dispatched eight guards to ride like fury to the other eight kingdoms to warn their people.

            I gave them a short blessing and they left, my decree clutched in their sweating hands. I turned to the remaining guards, fifteen of them I sent out into the city with their own copy of the parchment and the rest I had stay with me. I ordered Pho to begin packing what little necessities I would need and the remaining guards I had raid the palace kitchen, granaries and store rooms for supplies as well as the royal library and zoo. To Averna I trusted the task of collecting as much fresh water as she could.

            I myself went down to the royal docks, dismissing the guards on duty who smartly saluted me and took their leave. I barged into Artemis’s, captain of the royal fleet and husband of my tutor Luna, room and shouted for them both to dress themselves. Moments later they stumbled from their sleeping quarter, confused and half awake. I explained everything I wanted done and looked towards Artemis, daring him to say something. He looked as though he did but Luna stopped him saying that I may be prone to skipping my studies but by no means was I daft. I smiled at her in thanks and then left the room, shouting to have the entire fleet ready by daybreak.

            Returning to my room I shooed Pho away to pack her belongings and finally allowed myself to sit in the flickering light of the flames. If I at all felt doubt I would look up at the Moon and once again find my confidence in her soothing glow. All through out the night guards came through, briefing me on the evacuation of the people. As expected most scoffed at the my decree, calling me mad and claiming the High Queen would be the one overseeing this if it were true. However there were enough people who believed me and were preparing themselves to flee Atlantis.

 “Princess,” Pho whispered behind me and I looked up at her with bleary eyes. “Princess, you must get some rest before morning.”

 “Nay Pho, there is much to be done,” I said, stretching myself with a yawn. “There are plenty in the palace that still need to be warned.”

 “Let the guards take care of that.”

 “No I must warn them… I must warn my court, my servants, my friends.... My-Endymion!” I cried out as my train of thoughts returned to him. In all of the confusion I had forgotten him and my heart clenched. “He must know! I can’t let him die without him knowing that I lov-”


 “That I love him,” I finished weakly as the tears pooled in my eyes. “I may be damned for doing it but I do.”

 “Go,” Pho said softly, guiding me out the door.


 “I will oversee the last of the evacuation,” she replied but I opened my mouth to protest but she gave me one final push. “Go Princess, go to the man you love.”

 “I…. Thank you Pho,” I said in gratitude as I hugged her before I ran from the room.

            My feet did not seem to touch the ground as I sprinted through out the palace corridors. I nearly crashed into Diamond as he was leaving his room, his arm around the naked shoulders of a female servant. He cried out for me to stop but I ignored him. I ran the circular length of the palace, up the steep steps of the Temple of Poseidon and then down the rocky terrain towards the hut of the royal sheppard.

 “Endymion!” I shouted into the night as I neared his home. My voice became hoarse as I continued to yell out his name. I carelessly continued down the rocky hill side, my thoughts only on the black haired man inside. I went to traverse the final few feet of the jutting hill but my foot slipped out from under me and screeching I tumbled through the air.

 “Oomph!” I exclaimed as I was deftly captured before I struck the ground. The arms turned me in their embrace and I was again in the arms of-. “Endymion!”

 “Princess what are you doing here?” he asked.

 “There is no time to loose,” I exclaimed, sliding from his arms and marching into his home. “Take what is only essential for survival and come with me to palace.”


 “Here, let me help you.” I began to go through one his trunks, fishing around for what garments he would need and I sprung back up on my feet, heading to the eating area for food and water. I only stopped when he grabbed me by the wrist and swung me around.

 “Serenity what is going on,” he asked me seriously. I looked up at him, our eyes locking and I could feel the pulse of his heart through his wrist.

 “Endymion I-,” I started to say but broke off as I blushed. Taking a deep breath I hurriedly told him of my dream and Horatias prophecy. “I will not let you die with the rest!”

 “Serenity,” he murmured as I broke down and cried into his muscular chest. He stroked my hair and whispered sweet nothings into my ear. He pulled away when my tears subsided. “Why do you care so much about me?”

 “Endymion please do not make me say it,” I said, trying to back away but he held fast. “I feel am I betraying Beryl by just being here.”

 “Please tell me,” he said as he brought me closer, one hand tangled in my silver locks and the other tipping my head up towards him. “Serenity…”

“I-I love you,” I whispered as his lips encased my own in a passionate and lingering kiss.

            All the feelings we had been hiding from the rest of the world rushed out as my arms flew around his neck. His arms tightened around me, bending me back as our lips crashed against each other and I hooked my left leg around his thigh for balance. Our tongues swirled together, exploring and tasting each other. He pressed into the small of my back causing my breasts to flatten against his chest and in the midst of his all I could feel his rising excitement.

 “Serenity,” he said breathlessly as he broke away. I gazed up at him in mingled apprehension and anticipation as he placed on arm under my toned legs and swept me into his arms.

            He carried me over to his bed, laying me down gently as he leaned over me to kiss me yet again. I moaned into his mouth as I pushed aside the dyed cotton of his robe to reveal his glorious chest. I ran my hands along his muscles, his arousal becoming more apparent as I placed his hands at the claps of my own garments. He unlatched them with uncanny skill and slowly peeled back the material to reveal my full round breasts. He fell on top me, our bare skins grazing together as our hand explored one another. I wrap my legs around his waist, begging him with my eyes to throw away the cautions and guilt into the wind.

            It wasn’t an act of betrayal; it wasn’t just two depraved people who feared their deaths but the joining of two souls. In one perfect movement we were one, severing our ties to all others in the blink of an instant. Soon the names Beryl and Diamond meant nothing as we rode the wave of pleasure and passion. Our bodies were slick with sweat as we both neared our peak and I cried out into the night as Endymion collapsed on top of me. Swinging me around so he could cup me into his embrace we both fell immediately into a deep sleep that not even the terrors of the day could awaken.


 “Princess Serenity!” I woke to the sound of my name. I groggily opened my eyes, forgetting for a moment where I was. My heart jumped into my throat as I realized that the night had been spent and now the sun was just peaking above the ocean in the west.

 “Princess Serenity! Serenity where are you?”

            I went to stand but I was impeded by a heavy object draped across my stomach. I looked back to see the still form a naked Endymion, his chest falling and rising with the gentle motion of slumber. Despite my fear I smiled softly down at him, reaching to smooth away an unruly lock of raven hair that was draped across his face. His deep blue eyes opened at that moment and he smiled up at me as he took my hand and turned it over to place a kiss on the palm of my hand.


 “Give me a moment!” I shouted as I scrambled from the bed and shrugged my dress over my shoulders. Endymion stood, stretching almost lazily and I blushed at the clear view of his naked body. “Hurry, put some clothes on.”

            I rushed from the hut into the terrified arms of Pho and it was then I realized how late it really was. Zeus’s arrow was closer than ever before and I knew that at any moment he would strike. I called for Endymion and the three of us ran towards the palace. We made our way down to the covered docks that housed the royal fleet. Artemis saluted me as I approached and ushered me out onto the balcony of his apartment. Below was throngs of people, in the hundreds at least, who clutched their precious few possessions and cheered when they spied me. I raised my hands for silence.

 “Atlantis is doomed,” I said simply. The people stirred as they whispered among themselves and I once again hushed them. “I will not sugarcoat my words people of Atlantis, I am no Queen whose only concern for herself but a princess who has always thought the strength of her kingdom depends on her people. Today the island Atlantis may sink beneath the sea but her spirit will live on in each one of us!”

            The crowd let out a great cheer, a thundering mass of voices screaming out my name as I gave the orders to begin boarding. Boats began to fill with people and enough food and water to last them a month. Some boats held only caged animals and flora, some held nothing but ancient scripture and Atlantean knowledge. I looked on as each boat left the harbor. The only boat left was the royal yatch. I ushered Pho, the few courtiers who believed me, Luna, Averna and my selected guards on board. I turned to Endymion.

 “We must leave now,” I said to him, slipping my hand in his larger calloused one. The ground began to shake. “Endymion, get on the boat.”

 “I-,” he began to say but his eyes lit up with fear. “I have to find Beryl! I can’t leave her.”

 “Endymion, no!” I cried out as he ran back into the underground passage towards the palace. I tried to jump ship but was held back by Luna and Pho.

 “No Princess, you must remain on board!” Pho said. I struggled against my captives, tears flowing from my eyes.

 “No! I can’t leave him,” I sobbed as I sank onto the planks. “I have to bring him back… I love him.”

 “Princess,” Luna said gently as she kneeled beside me. “I’m sure he will return at any moment but you need to remain here. The people need you.”


            She gathered me into her arms and we waited together for the return of Endymion. The sea began to roll as another earthquake shook the foundations of Atlantis. Debris came splashing down, some boulders the size of elephants and others as small as oranges. Artemis cried out in surprise as we came very close to being hit and he called out to the men to weigh anchor.

 “No!” I screamed. “We have to wait for Endymion!”

 “There is no time Princess!” he shouted back. “If we stay here we’ll surely sink!”

 “Endymion!” I called out as the boat floated away in the jostling sea. The entrance to the palace collapsed under the strain of the rumbling. “ENDYMION!”

            Artemis shouted for the rowers, six long paddles on each side slipped down into the water and began to row quickly. I watched with tears in my eyes as we left the crumbling dock for the small bay and then the endless ocean. I looked back towards my homeland and I could see my mother high above in her tower balcony.

 “… Traitors…,” came her angry voice on the wind and I closed my eyes, asking her for forgiveness.

            Waves pounded against the side of the yatch as the vibrations became more and more violent. Buildings had already begun to collapse in the capital city and the disembodied voices of the remaining people called out in terror but I turned my ears and eyes away from them. From here there was nothing I could do for those who had remained confident in their selfishness and arrogance. Finally as a terrible din arose I turned my eyes to the heavens. Zeus’s Arrow had pierced our sky and left a smoking trail in its wake. The seas parted as it came closer, making our boats careen wildly to the sides. I screamed in terror as we listed heavily to port and I grasped the central mast. We rode the white foam of a small wave but managed to stay afloat. I turned my eyes back to my doomed homeland.

            His Arrow struck with a mighty crash into the side of Mount Atlas and just as in my dream lava went flying horizontally. As the magma spewed forward the mountain collapsed upon itself and I prayed for the souls in the hell fire’s wake. The voices became even louder now as the people rushed out into the bay, trying frantically to save themselves but as the lava met water and created a deadly steam their cries turned to painful horror. I clenched my eyes shut. Mother… My friends… Endymion. All are lost, I thought as the tears crept down my cheek.

            The water began to gurgle as the land started to shake for the final time. Waves leapt up around us and we watched in mute horror as the mighty Atlantis began to sink gradually into the sea. Great plumes of steam, ash and smoke wafted high into the air as pumice showered down on us. Even as far out as we were now we could still hear the grumbling of the collapsing island as she sank beneath the sea. It did not take long and eventually she was no more yet there was still danger for those of us who had fled.

            A rising wall of water had formed when the last of Atlantis had disappeared and it was heading towards us. Artemis shouted for everyone to hold on as we began to rise higher and higher with the wave. Some of the boats overturned, some merely sank but the lucky ones rode out the wake of the water until the high barrage of angry water was long past us. I looked over at Pho, her read hair crusted with salt and pumice, with tears in my eyes and I hugged her in ecstatic joy. We had survived.




 “Yes we had survived,” I croaked as I clenched my arthritic fingers in pain. “Yet it seemed that the Gods had forsaken us as we floated aimlessly in the waters of the ocean. Many died. Many went mad with thirst but eventually our faith was rewarded.”

            I stooped over an oak staff adorned with apples and vine leaves as I led the listener deep into the thick apple orchard. Yes, the people of Atlantis surely would not have survived if we had not landed on this island. The apples kept our civilization alive and so I named this place Avalon, Isle of the Apples. My companion was a young woman, her red eyes bright with curiosity as we went deeper still.

 “And I have watched ever since then as my people gave birth and died to give way to the new generations,” I explained as I gestured towards the ever expanding cemetery. “My grandmother Selene gave me the gift of Immortality but even now I feel that my time grows short.”

 “And this is why you have told me this story?” the pink haired woman asked.

 “Partly,” I said with humor as I reached into my robe to extract a letter. “A missive from his Majesty King Arthur, requesting permission for my daughters hand in marriage.”

 “Arthur?” her eyes lit up with excitement as she snatched the letter from me and I laughed. “And what shall you say Mother?”

 “Guinevere,” I said seriously as I took her hand in my own and pushed a pink lock out of her eyes with the other. “My mother once tried to force me to marry against my will and I vowed never to do the same to my daughters. It is your decision to make.”

 “My decision?” she said uncertainly. Her face was slightly troubled.

 “My child, you must look deep in your heart and ask yourself, do you love him?”

 “I-,” she started to say but shook her head. “I-I think so. I felt safe and protected in his arms. Is that not what love is?”

 “Somewhat,” I said wistfully as I pictured my great love, my Endymion. Father of my child. “Let us not worry about such things now. When the royal messenger comes you will make your decision then.”

            I took her arm and she helped me back towards the palace. It was no grand affair as the palace back on Atlantis yet it suited me fine. It was much smaller and square in shape. It was big enough for Guinevere and I plus our few servants. As it turned out we did not have to wait long for King Arthur’s messenger and a few days later the first scout appeared on the corner of our small kingdom. We offered him hospitality as my daughter packed her belongings.

 “So you have made up your mind?” I asked from the doorway as I watched her slip on her gown. It was my own back when I was still young and my eyes became cloudy with tears. Oh Endymion, if you could see her now, I thought. Your daughter is as beautiful as you were.

 “Yes Mother, I shall wed Arthur,” she said as she embraced me. I tried to laugh back my tears but my chin quivered and I burst out crying.

 “You will make a fine Queen,” I said, my voice cracking. “You have my blessings daughter but I will miss you!”

 “As will I Mama,” she murmured thickly and I chuckled at the name she hadn’t used since she was just a young child hundreds of years ago. I stepped away, patting my eyes dry as a loud fanfare shook us out of our reverie.

 “Come now, we shall meet the messenger of Arthur,” I said as she offered her arm and we strode towards the courtyard.

 “His Royal Highness King Arthur, High King of Britannia offers his kinship and friendship to Serenity, Queen of Avalon and hers with this token of his esteem,” a voice cried out as a young white haired man broke from the crowd. Guinevere inhaled sharply as he came near with a beautiful sword outstretched.

 “Hail Serenity Celestine Demeter VII, Queen of Avalon,” he said in a deep baritone voice. “I am Sir Lancelot Helios, Knight of the Round Table. I bring good tidings from the land of Camelot and a gift from King Arthur himself.”

            I took the sword from him into my hand and I almost sagged with the weight of it. It was beautifully made with bright carvings that lined the gleaming razor edge and thick bindings covered the handle stitched with golden threading, no doubt it was the precious gold itself. I handed the sword to Guinevere who stood in a daze as she studied the handsome man. She nodded her approval and quickly handed it back with a blush.

 “’Tis a fine sword indeed Sir Knight but I cannot accept such a gift, it is too heavy for an elderly woman such as myself,” I crowed as I gave it back. “However I will offer this, if ever that sword must seek asylum tell your good King that Avalon will keep it safe.”

 “I shall Queen Serenity,” he said as he bowed to me. He turned his burning eyes towards my daughter. “Hail Guinevere Serenity Demeter, Princess of Avalon. Arthur sends his warmest regards to his intended bride.”

 “I thank you,” she replied curtsying as she blushed wildly. “Please join us in the great hall for a feast before we leave, Sir Lancelot.”

 “Please Princess... Lancelot,” he said as he offered her his arm.

            It wasn’t till later that evening as I watched my daughter and the young knight converse that I realized that perhaps Beryl’s curse upon my family had followed me here. As the two stumbled closer to love, much in the same fashion had Endymion and I fell, I wondered if the line of Serenity would ever know true happiness. The future had never been my forte, that I left to Averna and I said a silent prayer for her soul. Averna’s line had survived thankfully and here there was no disgrace here, only honor. It wasn’t till after Guinevere left that Averna’s great great great great great granddaughter told me what would befall my daughter.

            Years later as I lay upon my death bed, clutching the shining sword named Excalibur that I was able to finally ask Beryl for forgiveness. Beside me was my daughter, her eyes older and her stomach bulging with Lancelot’s child and Merlin, wizard and friend of my kin. As my immortal soul slipped from the mortal shell I was given I stopped to kiss the head of Guinevere as her tears slid free and she collapsed on my body. Someday we will see each other again my daughter, I thought as I reached up to take the hand of my grandmother Selene. Until then I wish you happiness.


The End.


Supporting Characters


Prince Diamond of Kinsey, brother of Acidalia (Minako)

Prince Sapphire of Kasey, brother of Adamina (Rei)

Princess Penni (Birdie) of Suisey, sister of Minerva (Ami)

Princess Prisma of Mokusei, sister of Domiduca (Makoto)

Princess Emerald of Kaousei, sister of Undina (Michiru)

Princess Avery of Tenousei, sister of Austina (Haruka)


Pho, short of Pheonix – Naru


Queen Horatia of Meousei, mother of Averna (Setsuna)

Queen Carmentia of Suisey, mother of Minerva (Ami)

Queen Discordia of Kasei, mother of Adamina (Rei)

Queen Sylanna of Mokusei, mother of Domiduca (Makoto)


Princess Guinevere Serenity Demeter of Avalon – ChibiUsa

Sir Lancelot Helios – Helios


Reference to the Gods


Apollo – The Greek god Apollo is the brother of Artemis (huntress and sometimes thought of as the moon goddess), and the son of Zeus and Leda. Apollo is the god of prophecy, music, and healing, and is sometimes called the sun god, as well. Apollo is associated with the prophecies coming from the Delphic oracle. He is also associated with the laurel, since when he pursued Daphne she was turned into a laurel tree to escape from him. Apollo had few children and many romances.


Poseidon - Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea. The horse, dolphin and pine tree were sacred to Poseidon. Poseidon was the brother of Zeus, Hera, Hestia, Hades, and Demeter. He mated with Medusa to produce the winged horse Pegasus.


Atlas – Mountain/Volcano of Atlantis.


Hera – In Greek mythology, the goddess Hera was the queen of the gods and the wife of Zeus, the king of the Greek gods. Hera was goddess of marriage, and was often angry with her philandering husband Zeus. So Hera is described as jealous. She persecuted Hercules because Zeus was his father, but another woman -- Alcmene -- was his mother. Hera persecuted many of the other women Zeus seduced in one way or another.


Gaia - also called Gaea or Ge - was the Greek goddess of the earth. In Hesiod, Gaia came into existence after Chaos and produced the sky, mountains and sea. With the sky Ouranus, Gaia was the mother of the Titans, Cyclops, and Hecatoncheires. With Pontus, Gaia was the mother of Nereus, Thaumas, Phorcys, Ceto, and Eurybia. In Homer, Gaia is invoked for oaths. Tellus is the Roman equivalent of Gaia.


Aphrodite - Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite was the most beautiful of the goddesses, but was married to the ugliest of the gods, the limp smithy Hephaestus. Aphrodite had many affairs with men, both human and divine. Eros, Anteros, Hymenaios and Aeneas are some of her children. Aglaea (Splendor), Euphrosyne (Mirth), and Thalia (Good Cheer), known collectively as The Graces, followed in the retinue of Aphrodite. The Roman goddess Venus is thought of as the Roman equivalent of Aphrodite. In one story of her birth, Aphrodite is said to have sprung from the foam that resulted from the severed testicles of Uranus. In another version of her birth, Aphrodite is said to be the daughter of Zeus and Dione..

Selene - Selene was the Greek moon goddess, daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia (according to Hesiod), and the sister of Helios and Eos. Later, she was identified with Artemis and called Phoebe. As Phoebe she was a huntress and archer. Selene was worshiped on the days of full and new moons. She is described in the Homeric Hymn to Semele as mating with Zeus, through which union she produced Pandeia. She was in love with Endymion, according to Sappho and later sources. With him she had fifty daughters representing the months between the Olympic games. Every night, Selene visited and embraced Endymion, who slept as a result of the gift to him of eternal life and youth through eternal sleep.

Nemesis - Nemesis was the goddess of divine retribution who punished excessive pride, undeserved happiness, and the absence of moderation as well as the Goddess of Revenge. Nemesis' parents were either Nyx (Night) alone, Erebos and Nyx, or Ocean and Tethys. With Dike and Themis, Nemesis helped Zeus in the administration of justice.

Styx - The Styx is one of the five rivers of the Underworld, in Greek mythology.
Styx was a daughter of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys, and the mother of Nike (victory), Zelus (Zeal), Kratos (Power), and Bia (Strength). With her offspring, Styx came to the aid of Zeus in his battle against the Titans. As a reward, Zeus made Styx the goddess by whom the most solemn oaths were sworn. Styx is the nymph of the Underworld River Styx.

Artemis - The Artemis of Greek mythology was a virgin goddess who valued chastity, aided in childbirth, and administered arrows of death. Artemis was the sister of Apollo and was the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Artemis drives a golden chariot and delights in arrows and the hunt. Artemis leads the Graces and Muses in dance. During the Trojan War, Agamemnon had to placate Artemis by sacrificing his daughter Iphigenia at Aulis. Some versions say Artemis replaced Iphigenia with a stag at the last moment.

Zeus - Zeus was the top Olympian god in the Greek pantheon. After he took credit for rescuing his brothers and sisters from their father Cronus, Zeus became king of heaven and gave his brothers Poseidon and Hades the sea and the underworld for their domains. Zeus was the husband of Hera, but he had many affairs with other goddesses, mortal women, and female animals. Zeus mated with, among others, Aegina, Alcmena, Calliope, Cassiopea, Demeter, Dione, Europa, Io, Leda, Leto, Mnemosyne, Niobe, and Semele.


Hephaestus - Hephaestus was a lame god because of a fall from Olympus. Zeus may have been responsible for casting Hephaestus out of the gods' home because he came to the aid of his mother Hera, but it is also said that Hera cast her already lame son out because she was ashamed of his infirmity.


Hespera - Goddess of Dusk


Chronos - was united with his sister Rhea, and swallowed his own children Baal and Moloch....! He wanted to swallow his son Zeus, but Rhea gave him a stone covered in tongues, to make him believe that it was Zeus! When Zeus grew up, he forced his father to regurgitate his brothers and sisters...... Thus were born: Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. To take vengeance Zeus hurled his father into the Tartarus. God of time.

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